Valentine’s Day – It’s all about friendship and love

Last week, the 3rd and 4th grades prepared a Valentine’s surprise for the 3º ciclo and secondary students. They read a poem and sung “Skidamarink”, both related to this celebration. Then, they offered a handmade valentine card.

Here are some pictures and a video of this celebration of friendship and the poem presented.


If you won’t be my Valentine

I’ll scream

I’ll yell,

I’ll bite.
I’ll cry aloud,

I’ll start to whine
If you won’t be my Valentine.
I’ll frown and fret,

I’ll mope and pine,
And it will serve you right
If you won’t be my Valentine.
I’ll scream,

I’ll yell,

I’ll bite!

But when I say I love you,

It comes from my heart.

You hear it in your ear,
And it sounds very smart.

I love it when you’re proud of me,

You say it all day long,

And when I hear you say it,

My heart sings a merry song.


By Myra Cohn Livingston and Author unknown (adapted)


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